One-Click Trading


One-click trading (1CT) eliminates the need to interact with a wallet when submitting transactions, thereby reducing the time required to trade.

It achieves this through the use of two mechanisms:

  • 1CT wallet

  • Trade delegation

One-Click Wallet

Panana Finance utilizes a specific externally owned account (EOA) wallet to submit trading transactions.

It relies on the following sequence:

  1. User set a 4-digit PIN

    • This pin should be remembered for future recovery

  2. User signs a prefixed message of the PIN using their wallet

    • The wallet used to sign the message should be remembered for future recovery

The key material is deterministic, which means it can be copied. Using a PIN and a personal sign provides strong security while allowing a trader to recover the material if lost. Traders can also use this method to avoid storing the material on their device between trading sessions by clearing and regenerating it for each session.

The 1CT wallet is a delegation wallet.

How to set up 1CT on Panana Finance?

Setting up a 1CT wallet on Panana Finance is a simple and seamless process that involves the following steps:

  1. Create PIN

  2. Sign message

  3. Approve 1CT wallet

  4. Fund 1CT wallet

  5. Enable feature

Enabling One-Click Wallet Feature

Below is the guide to enable and fund your 1CT wallet on Panana Finance: Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Make sure to copy the private key and keep it in a safe place. Never share your private key with anyone. The Panana Finance team will never ask for your key nor will we ask you to transfer the funds.

Step 7:

At any moment, you can reset your CT wallet data. You can see the list of transactions executed by the 1CT wallet.

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